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Lewis & Roth’s authors are not only gifted and experienced writers but also men of God who love the church deeply. They are committed to providing high-quality, thoroughly biblical resources that will be used to edify the church of Jesus Christ. Each author brings a different perspective that will help enhance your own relationship the Lord, your family and your congregation.

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Alexander Strauch

Alexander Straugh | Lewis & Roth Author

Alexander Strauch was raised in New Jersey and converted to Christ at a Bible camp in New York State. He received his undergraduate degree from Colorado Christian University and went on to earn his Master’s in Divinity degree from Denver Seminary.

Mr. Strauch has served in the leadership and teaching ministry of Littleton Bible Chapel for nearly 50 years. As a gifted Bible teacher and a church elder with extensive practical experience, Mr. Strauch has taught in more than 25 countries and has helped thousands of churches worldwide through his expository writing ministry. His books have been translated into over 30 languages. In recent years, he has also made an impact on churches around the world through the ministry of

He is the author of Biblical EldershipMen and Women: Equal Yet DifferentThe Hospitality CommandsAgape Leadership (with Robert L. Peterson)Meetings That WorkLeading with LoveLove or Die: Christ’s Wake-up Call to the Church, If You Bite and Devour One AnotherPaul’s Vision for the DeaconsThe 15 Descriptions of Love and more. 

Robert L. Peterson is a retired physicist with Master’s and Doctor’s degrees from Lehigh University and an undergraduate degree in metallurgy from the Colorado School of Mines.

The author of some 60 scientific papers, he is also the author of Robert Chapman: A Biography, and is the co-author (with Alexander Strauch) of Agape Leadership.

Bob and his late wife, Jane, have five children and 15 grandchildren and live in Parker, Colorado.

Robert L. Peterson

Robert L. Peterson | Lewis & Roth Author

Doyle Roth

Doyle Roth | Lewis & Roth Author

As a successful businessman and long-term elder in his church, Doyle has worked with hundreds of couples from every walk of life. He’s seen the power of God’s Word heal hurting marriages and he’s watched man-to-man confrontation revive hardened hearts.

In addition to his counseling work, Doyle has now enjoyed over forty years of “happily ever after” marriage with his wife, Nancy. They have four grown children, twelve grandchildren (at last count), and make their home on the family ranch in Colorado.

Doyle is the author of Oops! I Forgot My Wife, the Oops! I Forgot My Wife Discussion Guide (with Paul Santhouse) and Oops! We Forgot the Kids.

A graduate of Moody Bible Institute and The King’s College (New York), Paul Santhouse has been involved in the development of spiritual growth and discipleship materials for over thirty years.

He is a former director of Church Reform & Revitalization, a publishing and training organization specializing in equipping men for spiritual leadership in the church. He is currently Publisher at Moody Publishers. Paul is the author of the Oops! I Forgot My Wife Discussion Guide (with Doyle Roth), Biblical Eldership Discussion Guide (with Alexander Strauch) and YOUthWork: Let God Use Your Influence (with Don Pearson).

Paul and his wife, Rebecca, have five children and live in Chicago.

Paul Santhouse

Paul Santhouse | Lewis & Roth Author

Richard Swartley

Richard Swartley | Lewis & Roth Author

Richard Swartley is a retired advanced space systems manager and senior systems engineer with Lockheed Martin. He has a Masters in Divinity and is a founding elder of Church of the Saviour in Wayne, Pennsylvania, a nondenominational church founded in 1972. In the mid-nineties, he was instrumental in the restructuring of the church from a senior pastor framework to team ministry.

His written works include the Biblical Eldership Mentor's Guide (with Alexander Strauch), Eldership in Action, A Wolf in the Pulpit? and The Right Start Premarital Counseling Program.

Dick and his wife, Anne, live in Colorado, where Dick continues to be active as author, ministry consultant, and counselor.