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Introducing School of the Shepherds is a sister ministry to Lewis & Roth Publishers. With more than 250 short videos aimed at training elders and other church leaders, this website is a fantastic resource for individual or group training. Choose individual videos that address a specific area of interest, or enroll in the new School of the Shepherds. The video below is the first lesson in a 5-part series titled An Urgent Call to Shepherd, an exposition of Peter’s charge to the elders in 1 Peter 5.


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The training and equipping of church leaders, especially of a plurality of biblical elders, has always been at the heart of Lewis & Roth's mission. In furtherance of this mission, we recommend these excellent websites for online elder training.

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Lewis & Roth is pleased to be able to partner with like-minded publishers. With this in mind, we are happy to make available a select list of quality titles published by others.

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