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Leading with Love

Written for Christian leaders at every level, Leading with Love powerfully portrays love as the one leadership quality no church leader can afford to do without. Challenging, Biblical and easy-to-read!


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Though a wealth of good material is available on the leadership qualities of courage, charisma, discipline, vision, and decisiveness, few books for church leaders include anything about love. This is a major oversight since the New Testament is clear that love is indispensable to service. In the absence of love, Christian leadership counts for nothing (1 Corinthians 13:1-3). Leading with Love was written to address this vital topic.

In Alexander Strauch’s recent book, he powerfully portrays love as the one leadership quality no church leader can afford to do without. “When leaders and teachers discover what the Bible says about love,” he writes, “it dramatically improves their relationship skills, effectiveness in ministry, and ability to resolve conflict and division. Leading with love is indispensable to producing spiritually healthy churches, reaching others for Christ, and pleasing God. It all hinges on love.”

This book is written for leaders and teachers at every level of leadership within the local church. Whether you are a Sunday school teacher, youthworker, men’s or women’s ministry leader, Bible study teacher, small group leader, administrator, music director, elder, deacon, pastor, or missionary, love is essential to you and your ministry.

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Endorsements of Leading with Love

Recommended as “new and noteworthy” in the “Toolkit: Spiritual Formation Ideas” column.

– Christianity Today’s Leadership magazine, Winter 2007

“This message is urgently needed by all of us. You may have many talents and spiritual gifts, but without the love that this book speaks about, you don’t really have much at all.”

– George Verwer Founder, Operation Mobilization

“An excellent meditation on 1 Cor. 13 and Christian leadership.”

– Thabiti Anyabwile Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman

“The most helpful book in my ministry to date is Alexander Strauch’s book Leading with Love. I try to read it every year.”

– Austin Duncan College Pastor, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley CA

“The Lord truly has blessed our ministry through this incredible and unique book on leadership.”

– Tony Villanueva State Director, Child Evangelism Fellowship of Oregon

“This book was incredibly practical and very clear. As a pastor I was inspired to love my flock better and lead with love… This was honestly one of the best books I have ever read and it has just become required reading for all leaders at our church.”

– David Anderson Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church (SBC), Englewood, CO

“Leading with Love demonstrates that love is indispensable for effective spiritual leadership. I hope this insightful study will receive the enthusiastic response it deserves and that it will be widely read.”

– Dr. Vernon Grounds Chancellor, Denver Seminary

“Do not read this book if you want to avoid the convicting work of the Holy Spirit! It is a powerful and practical exposition of the doctrine of love for those who shepherd the people of God.”

– Dr. David J. MacLeod Dean for Biblical Studies, Emmaus Bible College

Leading with Love is a superb exposition of how the followers of Incarnate Love should live out their love. I found it deeply challenging as, in simple, direct language, with apt quotes and illustrations, it probed one and another area of heart, soul and relationships with the insistent demand of the second of the greatest commandments.”

– Robert Gordon University of Cambridge, Faculty of Oriental Studies

“Leading with Love is a rare book that combines razor-sharp biblical accuracy and the heart of our eternally loving God. Alex Strauch makes a convincing case for the call to lead with the qualities that has made Jesus Christ the Greatest Leader ever born. The practical insights and understandable language of this book crafts it into a ‘must read’ for every aspiring and seasoned leader.”

– Dr. Dennis Newkirk Senior Pastor, Henderson Hills Baptist Church, Edmond, OK

“At the core of this book, is a very practical appeal and application of the biblical mandate to love those you have been called to serve. The author started with an excellent exegesis of 1 Corinthians 13… One of the things I enjoyed so much about the book was the wealth of experiences he drew upon… These human stories helped bring life to biblical principles that I had been exposed to for years… I believe this book could be very useful to an individual leader seeking to improve his or her leadership in any context.”

– LaVerne K. Jordon, Ph.D. Professor of Counseling, Denver Seminary

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“…the reader will find much here to convict his heart and shape his ministry philosophy…. One of Strauch’s strengths is his ability to combine sound exposition with specific application…. Leading with Love would be an encouraging and helpful read for anyone involved in leadership. You will be glad you read it, and so will those under your care.”

– Daniel Reinhold The Spurgeon Fellowship Journal

Leading with Love “…deals with the indispensable nature of love in the life of the Christian leader. …Strauch writes out of a full heart not just for his flock, but for the future of Christian leaders.”

– Alex Chediak author of Just One

“Alexander Strauch has a new book called Leading with Love. It is fantastic!”

– Justin Childers Pastor, Christ Baptist Church, Wilson, NC,

“Though books on pastoral leadership and preaching abound, there aren’t many books specifically devoted to being a loving leader. (In fact, I can’t think of any such books.) Now Alexander Strauch has stepped forward to fill that gap.”

– Justin Taylor co-editor (with John Piper) of Beyond the Bounds and Sex and the Supremacy of

“…a superb job at walking the reading through 1 Corinthians 13 as well as many other passages pertaining to love… I recommend it to all who are leaders, teachers, pastors and the like. It will use scripture to encourage you to demonstrate Christ-like love in all sorts of situations.”

– Joshua Ritchie

“Strauch’s new book…is another excellent offering in the realm of Biblical leadership…. Strauch knows churches — sheep and shepherds — and he writes this book as a seasoned soldier who smiles through his battle scars…. I would recommend this book for every church leader.”

– Paul W. Martin, Pastor, Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto, Canada,

Leading with Love is an exceedingly helpful guide to the “more excellent way” of love–and one that will powerfully transform your view of leadership.”

– Aaron Armstrong, Blogging Theologically

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“Alex writes with the passion of a man who has seen firsthand how the lack of love destroys a church. His exegesis of Scripture is right on and needed for the church today…. Even though this was written to leaders in the church, this book is a service to all Christians regardless of their “profession.” The material presented here will benefit the husband, the store manager, the gas station attendant, the doctor, etc. Perhaps a renewed interest in being a loving leader will lead to the revival so many long for in the church today.”

– Terry Delaney, Christian Book Notes

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