A Wolf In the Pulpit? The Setup for Moral Failure and The Abuse of Power by Richard H. Swartley

A Wolf in the Pulpit?


A Wolf in the Pulpit: The Setup for Moral Failure and the Abuse of Power addresses the epidemic of moral failure of solo and senior church pastors.

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In A Wolf in the Pulpit?, the author addresses the epidemic of moral failure of solo and senior church pastors. Some of these scandals he has witnessed personally, and, as an elder, was charged with dealing with the painful aftermath. He delves beneath surface causes and past the usual admonitions to pastors to avoid temptation, and specifically challenges the structure of today’s churches–a structure which precipitates overload on the man at the top, and sets him up for overwhelming temptations. Swartley’s detailed New Testament analysis exposes the structure the apostles intended and established. He is a strong advocate of the path that the church can and should take–to turn the tide, and to protect our churches and Christ’s reputation.

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“Dick Swartley’s new book is written from a deep concern for the purity and passion of our life as the Church of Jesus Christ. The all too common moral failure of men at the top of hierarchical church structures is disheartening to those who follow them, and injurious to the cause of Christ. In contrast to a shared New Testament leadership life of community, transparency, equality, and accountability, too many pastors find themselves isolated, alone at the top, unaccountable, a law unto themselves, set up for spiritual failure.”

– Douglas Goins, Elder Emeritus, Peninsula Bible Church, Palo Alto CA


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