Liderando Con Amour – Alexander Strauch

Liderando con Amor


Liderando con Amor, the Spanish translation of Leading with Love, is written for leaders at every level and powerfully portrays love as the one leadership quality no church leader can afford to do without.

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Liderando con Amor is the Spanish translation of Leading with Love.

Though a wealth of good material is available on the leadership qualities of courage, charisma, discipline, vision, and decisiveness, few books for church leaders include anything about love. This is a major oversight since the New Testament is clear that love is indispensable to service. In the absence of love, Christian leadership counts for nothing (1 Corinthians 13:1-3).

In Alexander Strauch’s recent book, he powerfully portrays love as the one leadership quality no church leader can afford to do without. “When leaders and teachers discover what the Bible says about love,” he writes, “it dramatically improves their relationship skills, effectiveness in ministry, and ability to resolve conflict and division. Leading with love is indispensable to producing spiritually healthy churches, reaching others for Christ, and pleasing God. It all hinges on love.”

This book is written for leaders and teachers at every level of leadership within the local church. Whether you are a Sunday school teacher, youthworker, men’s or women’s ministry leader, Bible study teacher, small group leader, administrator, music director, elder, deacon, pastor, or missionary, love is essential to you and your ministry.

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