The Hospitality Commands

The Hospitality Commands is a short, easy-to-read and practical study of what the Bible teaches about the importance of Christian hospitality. A 3-lesson study guide is included.


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The Hospitality Commands is a short, easy-to-read, practical, yet powerful examination of the biblical mandate to live lives of Christian hospitality.

Hospitality is a crucial element in building Christian community. Hospitality may well be the best means we have to promote close, brotherly love. It is especially important in churches where people really don’t know each other or where relationships are superficial, Sunday-morning-only relationships.

Hospitality is an effective tool for evangelism. Showing Christ’s love to others in a home environment may be the only means Christians have to reach their neighbors for Christ. A Christian home can be a lighthouse for God in a spiritually dark neighborhood.

Hospitality is a great way to serve the Lord’s people and for Christians  to use their spiritual gifts. By opening their homes, Christians can discover a practical and effective means of serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hospitality is a biblical command. Many Christians do not realize what the New testament teaches about hospitality and what it can do for the local church.

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Endorsements of The Hospitality Commands

“While this book is short and easy to read (and comes with a helpful study guide), it is also powerful, staying close to Scripture and demonstrating not only the need for hospitality but offering help implementing it. It is both an indictment and an encouragement. It rebukes our churches’ neglect of hospitality, while also encouraging and equipping us to practice it. This is a valuable resource for leaders and lay people alike who want to move beyond surface-level relationship to true biblical community.”

– Brent Thomas, book review for IX Marks,
Teaching Pastor, Grace Community Church, Glen Rose, TX

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“Recommended. A brief but robust biblical study on the topic of hospitality that belies its slim size….Strauch’s booklet on hospitality deserves the epithet “short and sweet” — it is obviously brief at 64 pages inclusive of a study guide; it is “sweet” because Strauch’s writing is both artful and straightforward.”

– Mark Tubbs,