Robert C. Chapman: 70 Years of Serving the Lord by Frank Holmes

Robert C. Chapman: 70 Years of Serving The Lord


Learn about the amazing life of Robert Chapman in this amazing biography and become a part in an immeasurable change in the world around you through Christ.

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“The fact that Robert Chapman lived to be nearly a hundred years old, and purposely destroyed most of his papers, makes the writing of his life extremely difficult. Obviously this book is not a full biography, I do not think the materials for that will ever be available. But my sincere hope is that it will lead to a renewed study of the principles for which Chapman stood.” — Frank Holmes

Immeasurable would be the impact on the world, if each person who read this, biography of Robert Chapman, were to live out Christ even half as well as Chapman did.

Read how the Lord guided and provided for Robert Chapman during his long life of service. Be touched, influenced and changed, as many were in his day, by Robert’s willingness to be guided because of his submission and devotion to his Saviour. Chapman’s sacrifice and service of love to the Lord’s people seems unparalleled in today’s world but to live as Christ called us to live should mean that every follower of Christ would love people sacrificially as Robert Chapman did to the people of his day.

Read this book yourself and share it with other Christians willing to be motivated to live a life of witness and service for the Lord Jesus Christ that will bring results for Eternity.

Previously published as Brother Indeed.

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