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Oops! I Forgot My Wife – Audio Book

Professional actors breathe life into Doyle Roth’s art-imitating-life tale of marriage, self-centeredness and commitment in this abridged audio version.


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Professional actors breathe life into Doyle Roth’s art-imitating-life tale of marriage, self-centeredness and commitment. Told through an exchange of emails, Oops! I Forgot My Wife – Audio Book follows the adventures and misfortunes of a guy who is so bad at husbanding he wakes up one morning on the brink of divorce. Only then does he learn what it really means to “love your wife as Christ loves the church.”

We often think of marriage problems in terms of in-laws, finances, fidelity, or personality clashes. But these issues trace back to a simpler source. It’s called self-centeredness and few men leave it behind at the altar. So how do you help a guy begin thinking about his wife more than his highness? Oops! I Forgot My Wife – Audio Book is a good place to start; it’s a tale for any couple interested in enriching their marriage through Christ-like living.

It tells the story of one marriage, flaws and all. It’s not pretty or sanitized, but any one willing to examine their heart will see the truth in the story and benefit from it. There’s also another reason to take a look. Oops! was written by a church elder who has been successfully counseling couples for over thirty years using the truth of Scripture and the love of Christ.

The story presented in this book serves as a great example of how godly supporters in local churches can use biblical wisdom to bless troubled couples. An ideal book for any one who could use a few pointers but doesn’t like to study.

This audio book is an abridged version of the original text.

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Endorsements of Oops! I Forgot My Wife – Audio Book

“Most of us men could use help with our marriages, but most of us have little patience for touchy-feely, psycho-babbly marriage books written in professional counseling language. Bravo to Doyle Roth, who in Oops! addresses us sorry husbands using his own cowboy wisdom and wit — loaded with ammunition to demolish male self-centeredness, yet still raw enough to engage the typical American male.”

– Douglas Hsu Executive Editor, Advancing Native Missions

“This book is great and as refreshing an approach as its title! …I have read many books about communication skills, etc., and biblical counseling, and this is by far the best book I have personally ever read on biblical counseling concerning relationships between men and women. …this book touches the heart and is such an easy read.”

– Dwayna Litz Lighting The Way Worldwide

“Once I started reading this book I could not put it down. The style of writing using emails among the main characters was very effective. The book… was very easy but very challenging reading.”

– Don Dunkerton Kenilworth Gospel Chapel

“Roth…uses Scripture skillfully and liberally in teaching about marriage. The book…gives sound scriptural advice that is realistic and useful…. [He]…presents truth that many men would not read if it came in too fine and fancy a package. The story is intense enough to keep the reader reading through the book to learn of each development.”

– Elece Hollis