Iguales pero Diferentes

The Spanish translation of Men & Women: Equal Yet Different, this book is an easy-to-read introduction to the key Scriptures, terms, arguments and research related to the complementarian position on gender. Includes questions for group study.


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One of the most significant changes in human history has occurred during the past fifty years – the gender revolution. Like the rest of society, Christianity has been permanently affected by this change. According to a leading Time magazine article entitled “The Second Reformation,” religious feminists “believe they are caught up in one of Christendom’s great and historic transformations.” In reality, the gender transformation taking place within the worldwide Christian community is not a sign of a “second reformation” (the first being Martin Luther’s back-to-the Bible, sixteenth-century reformation) but of a radical departure from biblical, apostolic Christianity.

Among Bible-believing Christians, the gender revolution has spawned intense, emotional controversy over what the Bible says about the roles of men and women. There are two major viewpoints in this debate, the evangelical feminist view and the complementarian view, or the non-feminist view.

Hombres y Mujeres: Iguales pero Diferentes (the Spanish translation of Men and Women: Equal Yet Different) states and defends the complementarian viewpoint. Written in outline form, the book presents biblical evidence that Jesus Christ taught that men and women are equal yet different and introduces the key terms, arguments, and most recent research related to the complementarian position. It also provides an easy-to-read summary of all the key Scripture passages commonly used in the gender debate. The book is written for people who are unfamiliar with biblical passages on gender and probably will not read a lengthy technical book on the subject.

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