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If you Bite & Devour One Another by Alexander Strauch

If You Bite & Devour One Another: Biblical Principles for Handling Conflict


Conflict in churches is a pervasive problem we know all too well. Through solid Bible exposition and true-to-life stories, If You Bite & Devour One Another teaches key Biblical principles for handling conflict.

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“Believers are to be known not only for their uncompromising stand for the truth of Scripture but also for their unwavering love for one another–even when they disagree.”  — Alexander Strauch in If You Bite & Devour One Another

Conflict in churches is a pervasive problem we know all too well. (Not to mention every other area of our lives!) We all spend a lifetime facing disagreements, controversies and relationship battles.  If You Bite & Devour One Another is a unique study, examining all the biblical passages on conflict and outlining key scriptural principles for handling various kinds of conflicts among Christians–whether personal disputes, issues of Christian liberty in lifestyles, congregational matters, or disagreements about important doctrines.

As in his other books, Alexander Strauch’s thorough Bible exposition and practical illustrations and true-to-life stories make this a readable, challenging and important study.

A free study guide is available for download, as are other supplemental materials, making this excellent curriculum for small group Bible studies.

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“This book is urgently needed in the body of Christ…. There is so much of this [conflict] among us…. I have put Bite & Devour into the top ten books that we are getting out across the world. It’s a must read.”

– George Verwer, Founder, Operation Mobilization

“This book will increase your love for what God teaches in His Word on conflict and how to handle it…. Strauch’s book…is so insistently and unapologetically focused on the biblical text that I feel as if I’ve had a rich devotional time every time I complete a chapter.”

– Mark Tubbs,

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“Conflict is, and will continue to be, unavoidable. While we can’t control whether or not we face conflict, we can choose how we handle it. In If You Bite & Devour One Another, Alexander Strauch has ofered much-needed guidance in doing exactly that.”

– Aaron Armstong,

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“You can always count on Alex Strauch to come through with a punchy, readable, yet weighty work, addressing the foundational truths that keep the gates of Hell from prevailing against the Church. In “Bite and Devour,” he delivers another crippling blow to the strategies of the enemy, as well as a rousing appeal for brotherly love that is informed by the Word, rooted in the Gospel and empowered by the Spirit.”

– Bo Salisbury, Pastor-Elder, Veritas Church, Grass Valley, CA and Author, Good Mr. Baxter

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“Alexander Strauch serves up another “New York Steak” in his latest work, If You Bite & Devour Another…. Strauch writes in a way that readers have grown accustom to over the years. The principles are biblical and the application is always practical. His biblical exposition is faithful to the text and the exegetical legwork is rooted in the cross work of Christ.”

– Dr. David Steele, Pastor of Theology, First Baptist Church, La Grande OR

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“This book is an excellent must-have resource for handling conflict…. What did I like about the book? Strauch has gone straight to where all Christians should go: the Bible. Just like the Bible does, Strauch calls us to change our attitudes and behaviors through the power of the Holy Spirit…. What do I not like about the book? That everyone has not read it.”

– Noel Heikkinen, Pastor, Riverview Church, Holt, MI


“I think this book should be read by every elder and pastor as elders should be setting an example how to be peacemakers in the church and resolving conflict biblically. I think that this is also an excellent resource for elders and church leaders to read and study together.”

– Liam Moran,

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“I have found the book, If You Bite & Devour One Another to be an excellent practical study for our Church’s small groups. The discussion guides are thought provoking and conducive to group interaction. The chapters are well organized & theologically sound. Our groups have grown throughout the series and leaders are easily able to facilitate the studies without the aid of video curriculum.”

– Curt Rowe, Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church, Springfield MA

“Our sin-soaked world is drowning in conflict. Strauch deals with this ultra-important subject in an exegetically rich, immediately practical, and refreshing way.”

– Jeffrey Shamess, Westminster Bookstore

“This is a wonderful, profound resource for the Body of Christ. After much thought, I cannot think of a group of believers from the youngest all the way up to the elderly saints who would not benefit from this godly biblical counsel. It will be a much-used resource in my own life, home, and church.”

– Gregory H. Harris, Professor of Biblical Exposition, The Master’s Seminary

“For almost three decades, Alexander Strauch has consistently produced books that are biblically faithful and carefully written. In step with that pattern is his newest, If You Bite & Devour One Another: Biblical Principles for Handling Conflict.

– Paul Tautges, Pastor-Teacher, Immanuel Bible Church, Sheboygan, WI

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If You Bite and Devour One Another: Biblical Principles for Handling Conflict by Alexander Strauch is one of those rare books that you want everyone in your church to read. And I mean EVERYONE. “

– Jonathan Thomas, Pastor, Ammanford Evangelical Church, Ammanford, UK

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“This is a book for everyone who has been in a conflict, is now in a conflict, or will be in a conflict. Which is to say, everybody.”

– Douglas Wilson, Senior Minister, Christ Church, Moscow ID

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“Strauch teaches his way through Galatians 5:15 with the precision of a surgeon…. this resource is perfect for the one who seeks to be a peacemaker in the lives of those he or she interacts with. A highly recommended resource to any seeking to handle conflict biblically.”

– Terry Delaney, Christian Book Notes

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