Connecting: The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Succeed


A key to growth is learning how to learn from others.  The main reason we miss out is that we simply don’t understand the true nature of mentoring.

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In ourselves, none of us are fully equipped to excel in life. Our weaknesses, blind spots, limited capabilities, and lack of experience all point to one thing — interdependence. Which is why connecting with others plays such an indispensable role in healthy development. Having access to the wisdom, experience, vision, and direction of those who have gone before can put you way ahead of where you’d otherwise be. In addition to enhancing your own potential in all of life’s growth areas (spiritual, emotional, professional, relational, etc.), the things you’ll discover will equip you to help others as well.

So why don’t we place more of a priority on developing these essential empowering relationships? Are we uneasy with the vulnerability, assuming it will be perceived as weakness? Do we hesitate to ask, not wanting to impose on anyone else’s busy schedule? Are we reluctant to provide guidance for others, not wanting to come across as proud or self-important? Each of these factors can play a part, of course. The main reason we miss out, according to this book, is that we simply don’t understand the true nature of mentoring–a problem that is easily overcome.

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