Agape Leadership

Agape Leadership: Lessons in Spiritual Leadership from the Life of R.C. Chapman promises to be one of the most spiritually inspiring books you have ever read. See godly, pastoral leadership in action through these biographical snapshots from the life of Robert Cleaver Chapman.


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Agape Leadership promises to be one of the most spiritually inspiring books you have ever read. Robert Cleaver Chapman (1803-1902) provides an extraordinary example of Christ-like, loving leadership. Although little known today, he was a widely respected Christian leader in England during the last century.

Chapman became legendary in his own time for his gracious ways, his patience, his kindness, his balanced judgment, his ability to reconcile people in conflict, his absolute fidelity to Scripture, and his loving pastoral care. By the end of his life, Chapman was known worldwide for his love, wisdom and compassion. He became so well known in England that a letter from abroad addressed only to “R. C. Chapman, University of Love, England” was correctly delivered to him! In Agape Leadership, you will see godly, pastoral leadership in action through these biographical snapshots from Chapman’s life.

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Endorsements of Agape Leadership

“It will challenge you to be a better leader, a more committed believer, and a brighter light to the world.”

– Greg Stephenson Grace Community Church, Grace Ministries International

“R.C. Chapman’s life is a vivid illustration of Jesus’ teaching. I have given a copy of the book to pastors and ministry leaders with the prayer that we might reject a professional ministry mindset and follow Jesus as Chapman did.”

– Peter Hubbard Pastor/Teacher, North Hills Community Church, Taylors, SC

“The book is easy to read and has a devotional quality to it…. The book has been a continual refreshment, challenging me and making me thirst for a much deeper experience of God’s grace in the details of my life…. I enjoyed reading it so much that [I] bought a bunch of copies to give to others.”

– Matt Troupe Pastor, Free Grace Church, Fresno, CA

“Reading about R.C Chapman’s life in Agape Leadership has changed my life as a pastor.”

– Eric Perry Pastor, Cornerstone Community Church, Battle Creek, MI

“I recommend Agape Leadership as a useful resource, but it is only an appetizer for Peterson’s longer work on Chapman’s life, Apostle of Love. These two books…and Alexander Strauch’s dynamic duo Love or Die and Leading With Love, will remind the Christian that Christ is the cornerstone of the Church, and that above all, Christ is love.”

– Mark Tubbs

“[Agape Leadership] has challenged me more than any other book I’ve read in about a year, and it’s just packed with helpful, timely material…. Despite being a short and fast read, Agape Leadership is a difficult one because it’s so convicting…. Read this book and be transformed by the example of the man Spurgeon called “the saintliest man I ever knew.”

– Aaron Armstrong Blogging Theologically

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“I will be honest in that I have never heard of Robert C. Chapman until this book came across my desk…. In a day and age of countless heroes, there are many who go unnoticed or remain unknown. It is usually these heroes that we must seek to emulate whenever we do seek to emulate another man. This book, which can be read in under an hour, should be read by everyone who calls on Christ as Lord. In so doing, you will be challenged to arrange your life in such a way that you are finding Christ to be your greatest and first love.”

– Terry Delaney Christian Book Notes

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